New Coaching Programme 2019

Our Coaching programme is provided by Joe Revelle. Joe's outline plans for coaching this year are below.

January 2020 – March 2020

Unfortunately we had to cancel coaching at the club in January 2020 for the term due to a coaching shortage at Marlborough, across JR Tennis.

Summer 2020

We have a new coach starting with JR Tennis, Will Dunlop. He is a level 3 coach and will be working with me across all 3 venues. With Will coming into the teamthis will give us considerably more coaching hours and time we can spend advertising in the local area.

Junior Programme – We will look to keep the groups the same as last term and populate with local children.

Adult Programme – We will restart cardio and are hoping to run the sessions before the school pick up to hopefully encourage parents to have an hour before school pickup.

Schools Links – We will look to run taster sessions at the school to encourage children and their parents to attend tennis at Aldbourne Tennis Club.


With the Coronavirus we are in a constant state of uncertainty with what we are and are not allowed to do. Currently we are following advice with social distancing and hygiene protocols. With the uncertainty of schools I will keep members updated with all relevant information.

To find out more or to book your coaching, please clik here.

If you want to contact Joe directly you can do so at [email protected] or on 07702 681585.