Amherst Finals Day

A superb Amherst finals day. Congratulations go to all the finalists. Wonderful tennis played in a great spirit.

Trophies presented by President Peter Dengate (a member for 71 years)

Amherst President

Men's Singles

Mens Singles Winner Zak

Winner - Zak Prawanna
Runner-up - Andy Chapman

Ladies Singles

Winner - Pearl Hare
Runner-up - Jane Garrett

Men's Doubles

Mens Doubles Champs

Winners - Pete Farthing / Hayden Hoxley
Runners-up - Ross Cudmore / Munro Scott

Ladies Doubles

Ladies Doubles Champs

Winners - Nikki Crowhurst / Jane Garrett
Runners-up - Karen Cunnington / Lisa Phillimore

Mixed Doubles

Mixed Doubles Champs

Winners - James Sherwood / Karen Cunnington
Runners-up - Guy Lawford / Pearl Hare

Mixed Doubles 45+

Mixed 45s Champs

Winners - Dylan Preece / Nikki Crowhurst
Runners-up - Mark & Karen Cunnington

Mixed Doubles 60+

Mixed 60s Champs

Winners - Jeff Gedge / Jenny Naylor
Runners-up - Brian & Mina Hallam