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Adult Tennis Xpress Six Week Coaching Course Starts TBC 2024

Learn the basics with a six-week coaching course - Tennis Xpress is all about meeting other players and having fun! The course introduces the basic skills of tennis while introducing players to the scoring system and the rules. Taking place over six weeks, it's aimed at adults who are either new to the game or a little rusty.

In these sessions, you'll use specially modified equipment such as slower-bouncing balls and by the end of the course, you will be ready to serve, rally and understand the scoring system. These new skills provide the foundations to continue playing tennis on a regular basis, whether in a social or competitive environment.

Things you will learn...

Week One - Baseline Warrior 

Week one of the Tennis Xpress course is all about getting active, meeting other players and having fun. In this session you’ll try all the different shots and have a go at rallying.

Week Two - Get In To Win

Week two is all about building on week 1 and continuing to develop your shots with a focus on moving forwards and volleying.

Week Three - Got It Covered

Week three is court positioning, in this session you will learn where you to position yourself on court and how to recover well during rallies and points.

Week Four - Serve & Return

Week four focuses on serving and returning, giving you lots of opportunity to practice these two important shots.

Week Five - Working Together

Week five is all about teamwork. In this session you will learn to work with a partner and discover basic doubles tactics.

Week Six - Putting It All Together

Week six is where everything comes together and you get the chance to go through all the shots before playing a fun doubles tournament.

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