All England Club experience

Head Coach Colin Piper took 3 of Arundel's club members for a very special day at Wimbledon.

Colin’s good friend, Johnny Barr, invited them to play on the championship courts at The All England Club. 

The treats didn’t stop there as they were shown around the brand new indoor facility which sits above an underground car park for the 250 transport cars that take players to and from hotels etc. 

As if that wasn’t enough the Arundel guests were using the dressing room which during the two weeks of Wimbledon is used exclusively by the top 32seeds. Luxury was paramount and attention to detail was on another level. 

Next was the iconic corridor walk from dressing room to centre court. During the Championships You’re only allowed to do this walk if playing on centre court. If you were playing in No 2 court and wanted to make your way via this corridor you would be stopped by security NO matter who you are ! 

Then some pics with the Actual Wimbledon 🏆 

Pictures on the balcony (without the 🏆) overlooking the match courts. 

Quick change into suits and dinner in the members lounge. 

All in all an experience that The Hunters will never forget. 

Big thanks to Head Coach Colin Piper and Johnny Barr for organising 

Wow !!