AVTCC holds an internal tournament during the grass court playing season, with Men’s and Ladies’ Singles, Men’s, Ladies’ and Mixed Doubles and Plate competitions or first round losers in each category.

We also stage several one-day internal and open tournaments during the season.

Please see the Diary Dates page for further details.

Previous Years

Year Gentlemen Singles Ladies Singles Mixed Doubles Ladies Doubles (Jill Claro cup) Mens Doubles Simon Vickers Memorial Cup
2023 Jonathan Bushby Susanne Sykes Jenny Hansen & Simon Bronstein      
2022   Susanne Sykes Jenny Hansen & Simon Bronstein      
2019 Simon Moorman Barbara Robillard David Trulock & Barry Smith Jennie Hanson & Nikki Hanson   Rachel Brown & Peter Forde
2018 Mike McClement Barbara Robillard Lara Trotman & John Loftus      
2017 Mike McClement Juliet Collis        
2016 Sam Oldershaw Juliet Collis Andy Coombs & John Loftus      
2015 Sam Oldershaw Juliet Collis Juliet Collis & Steve Levy      
2014 Mike McClement Helen Cock Andy Coombs & John Loftus      
2013 Malcolm Dare Natalie Hepburn Amanda Sinclair & Simon Lewis      
2012 Jonathan Bushby Juliet Collis Cally Dalgleish & Anthony Lyons Helen Cock & Francesca Smith   Caroline Newton & Anthony Lyons
2011 Mike McClement Maddie McClement Juliet Collis & Josh Adams Amanda Sinclair & Diana Gower Steve Levy & Josh Adams Francesca Smith & George Lance
2010 Sam Oldershaw Jenny Sims Diddie Sims & George Seager Berry Diddie Sims & Liz Lacon Malcolm Dare & Steve Scott Juliet Collis & Sam Oldershaw
2009 Jonathan Bushby Jenny Sims Juliet Collis & Mike McClement Jane Gent & Francesca Smith Malcolm Dare & Steve Levy Jilly Peters & George Lance
2008 Steven Fowles Anna Bushby Denise Orchard & Mike McClement Juliet Collis & Jane Gent John Loftus & Mike McClement Jenny Sims & Nigel King
2007 Steven Fowles Denise Orchard Jane Gent & Mike McClement Amanda Sinclair & Jenny Sims Nigel King & Malcolm Dare Jenny Sims & Nick Newton
2006 Jonathan Bushby Denise Orchard Denise Orchard & Mike McClement Jane Gent & Andy Coombs Steve Levy & Clive Venables Francesca Smith & Nick Newton
2005 Malcolm Dare Denise Orchard Jilly Peters & Peter Worsley Caroline Newton & Jane Gent Nick Newton & Colin Holman Pam Millward & Clive Venables
2004 Jonathan Bushby Juliet Collis Francesca Smith & Simon Lewis Diddie Sims & Gina Hay Ian Samuel & Ollie Tregelles Jane Gent & Will Sloman
2003 Jonathan Bushby Diddie Sims Jane Gent & Simon Lewis Caroline Newton & Juliet Collis Will Sloman & Jonathan Bushby Juliet Colis & Michael Hart
2002 Jonathan Bushby Diddie Sims Sheila Mitchell & Simon Lewis Diddie Sims & Sheila Mitchell Jonathan Bushby & Clive Venables Jenny Sims & Will Sloman
2001 Sandy Matthews Diddie Sims Viv Bell & Malcolm Dare Diddie Sims & Moray Vorster Simon Vickers & Peter Sims  
2000 Sandy Matthews Diddie Sims   Bobbie Barclay & Liz Lacon Ian Samuel & Roger Sands  
1999 Sandy Matthews Jane Gent David da Costa & L Logie Diddie Sims & Alison Samuel David da Costa & Michael Hart  
1998 Steven Worsley Jane Gent Diddie Sims & Ian Samuel Wendy Hodgkinson & Sheila Mitchell Michael Hart & Adrian Worsley  
1997 Steven Worsley Jane Gent Bobbie Barclay & Robert Peckover Liz Lacon & Juliet Collis David da Costa & Will Sloman  
1996 Steven Worsley Juliet Collis Wendy Hodgkinson & David da Costa Dorothy Harris & Jane Gent    
1995 Robert Peckover Dorothy Harris Dorothy Harris & Steven Worsley      
1994   Dorothy Harris Diana Sharp & Nigel White      
1993   Dorothy Harris Sandra Sinnett & N Sercombe      
1992   Dorothy Harris Moray Vorster & Nigel White      
1991   Diddie Sims Margie Stevens & Nigel White      
1990   Jill Claro