Resumption of play at Aylsham Tennis Club

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Aylsham Tennis Club will carefully resume tennis from today, Friday 15th May, in the first phase post lockdown. The courts will only be available for use by members of the Club, and only singles play is permitted.  Courts must be booked in advance via the website, and the rules set out below must be adhered to.

The emphasis in these rules is on maintaining social distancing between households and avoiding contact with surfaces which could cause transmission of the virus. The rules have been adopted for the safety of all members and their households together with the wider community. The rules are mandatory and disciplinary action could be taken in the event of contravention.

Guidelines have also been provided for the consideration  of members, but the Aylsham Tennis Club Committee urge all members to follow them to look after ther own welfare and that of their playing partner. 

These rules are drawn up in line with or more cautious (as we consider our own situation) than the LTA guidelines of 12th May for the re-introduction of tennis and coached tennis.

They will be reviewed by the Committee for their applicability on a weekly basis or on a more frequent basis if required by a Government or LTA intervention. 



If you have Coronavirus or Coronavirus-like symptoms, please do not come to the courts. Isolate yourself and your household in accordance with Government guidelines to avoid knowingly risking others at the Club and in the community


If you have travelled internationally for any reason please ensure that you and your household stay away from the Club for at least 14 days after your return.


If you are in the designated clinically highly vulnerable category who needs to self-isolate, please do not come to the Club.

Consider carefully whether or not to come to the Club if you live in a household with an individual who is shielding.  If you are over the age of 70, again please consider your own situation carefully. 

Play will be for members only.

No guests of members or visitors are permitted to play.


Courts must be booked in advance. There will be no “turn up and play” even if courts are empty. Enter the courts 5 minutes after your booking starts and leave 5 minutes before your booking ends. This minimises contact with other players. Each member can book one session of up to 2 hours (110 minutes) per week. This will be reviewed as we go and potentially increased depending on the level of court usage.

You will need to be registered on the Aylsham Tennis Club website to book courts. If you are not already registered, just click on 'Register' in the top right hand corner of the website and fill in the required fields. Once you have done so, you will be able to click on 'Court Booking' and select a court, time and date to book.

Singles play only: this can be within household or with a member of another household.

No Doubles or two on one play. Singles play allows increased distance between players on adjacent courts.

Play recreational tennis. Resolve any 

dispute swiftly and amicably.


Consider limiting the number of opponents you play with over the phase 1 period.

Players under 16 must play tennis with an adult.


There will not be any Club-organised tennis activity.

Bring your own tennis balls marked with your initials. Players should only touch the tennis balls of their own household. This may mean players managing two sets of balls when they play.

Under no circumstances should Club balls be used.

Consider “resting” tennis balls for 72 hours after use to minimise the chance of transmission.

Or using different tennis balls with different opponents. 

Wear gloves when entering/leaving the court to avoid contact with surfaces such as the gate.

Consider wearing gloves when playing, especially on your serving hand.

Bring hand sanitiser with you and use it judiciously. This should not be seen as a substitute for wearing gloves as required.

No access to the Club-hut or Bowls Club area and toilets. The back gate will be padlocked. This avoids potential contamination of surfaces in the club hut and toilets which will not be cleaned or sanitised.

Bring a basic first aid kit with you when you play as you will not be able to access the one in the Club hut.

As a consequence there will be no floodlit tennis.

Do not attempt to retrieve a ball that goes over the rear fence or the fence to the Bowls Club.


Always stay at least 2m apart before during and after playing unless playing with a member of your household. This includes the car-park and approaches to the Club.

Do not meet at the net or shake hands.

Consider whether there is a requirement to change ends after games. Bear in mind players on adjacent courts. 

Do not use or touch the benches or put any kit etc on a bench. This minimises potential contamination of surfaces.


Any spectators must remain outside the courts on the recreation ground side.


Coaching will be 1:1 only. 

Social distancing must be maintained

The coach will supervise tennis ball handling.

If a player will be touching balls (e.g. serving), they must bring their own, clearly marked balls which they will collect themselves.

The coach will ensure that balls are not re-used within 72 hours.  

If a junior is being coached, the non-participating guardian must watch from outside the courts (see “spectators” above). 


Only the coach to touch coaching balls. 

Remove all bottles and litter. And adhere to all other Club rules.