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New members:

We are always looking to attract new members of all standards.  New members can take advantage of a 50% reduction on the prices outlined below (in the first year only).



Adult  & Senior Members (aged 21 or over on the 1st April) - £55.00

Family Membership (2 adults plus any number of children from the same family aged under 21 on 1st April and in full time education) - £110.00

Junior/Student Members (under 23 AND in full time education on 1st April) - £15.00


Payment instructions  - electronic bank transfer (preferred):

Please send the following information to [email protected]

Member name(s):

Membership type (e.g. Adult):

Age (required for junior membership only):


Email address:

Telephone number:

Confirmation of payment amount, and the date it was sent: 

Account details for payment by electronic bank transfer are unchanged from last year, and will be provided in our email newsletter.  If you do not have these, please request these details when you send the above email.


When payment is received we will provide the new combination number for the padlocks on the court and clubhouse.

If you would like more information, please contact us.