BGTC Double Handicap Tournament

On Saturday 25th June 2022 the club held a doubles handicap tournament. A handicap tournament is a great way for members of all abilities to play each other in an even fashion. Each pair is given a handicap which determines the starting point scores for each match. From then on it is a simple race to 30 points in each match with each pair serving two points (the same player serves both points) before handing over serving duties to their opponents. Once all pairs had learnt the new scoring system, what resulted were some closely contested matches. The overall result went right down to the last round of matches. Lisa Harrison and John Dye came away with the victory with joint second place going to Trisha Williamson/Paul Rice and Claire Pooley/Jonathan O’Hanlon. The event concluded with a few glasses of Pimms and a social lunch. This is definitly an event the club will be repeating as it was a big success.