CCTV System

CCTV Systems (updated February 2020)

Beauchief Tennis Club operates a CCTV system for security around and inside the clubhouse.

There are currently 3 external cameras and 1 internal camera in operation. The locations of the cameras are:

  • Near the main entrance facing towards the driveway;
  • At end of the clubhouse facing the rear entrance under the canopy;
  • At the rear of the clubhouse facing down the rear path (entrance to Old Park Road);
  • Covering just the bar area inside the club.

The internal camera is positioned to ensure safety and security for our drinks area.

There are no cameras facing any of the courts. There are signs around the building notifying people that a CCTV system is in operation. A "QR Code" is on the signs providing further information.


Only the Committee Members and approved members assisting with the security of the club have access to the system. The committee maintains a list of approved members with access.

The CCTV footage is saved for a maximum of 30 days in line with the Informatoin Commissioners Office (ICO) and Government policies covering the use of CCTV systems. More information can be found at the following link 

All individuals with access to the system have been instructed not to share, save or distribute ANY imagery captured by the CCTV system. This includes posting to social media or social groups. Any improper use of this system could lead to a removal of membership.

Those accessing the system can only do so for it's intended purpose which is to provide security for contents within the tennis club and the immediate surrounding area around the clubhouse.

Subject Access Request

Any member has the right to have a copy of any image of themselves. Requests must be made within 30 days of the image captured.