Biddenden - a safe and inclusive tennis club

It is the Club’s aim to make sure we are Safe, Friendly, Fair and Inclusive.

We have adopted policies, which reflect these aims. We hope that the programme on offer is inclusive and there’s something for everyone. We hope to do even more in the future.

The club welfare officer is: Judith Wright.

There are posters inside and outside of the hut so members can see how to contact her.

Safeguarding covers many things and not just the obvious newspaper headline issues. It can cover bullying and simple misunderstandings, which can make young players unhappy. Any member, young or old can get in touch with the Welfare Officers and we can follow up concerns.

We all have a role to play in making sure the club is fair, safe, friendly and inclusive. The rules are displayed in the hut. There’s also a form you can use to report a concern.

Please have a look at the form. It details the kind of concerns that LTA want us all to be mindful about.

All of the policies, codes of conduct and report forms are available here, just click on the links to download.

Safeguarding policy

Diversity and inclusion policy

Club rules

Privacy notice

Report a concern