Thursday Evening Sessions

Over the years we have traditionally run a club session on Wednesday evenings during the summer months in addition to Sunday mornings.

The cold & wet weather has not been conducive to playing in the evenings however, we canvassed a number of members and it would appear that Thursday evenings would be preferential.

As of Thursday 3rd June, we will block out the 3 courts from 5.30 until 7.15 pm for the club evening session.  We will primarily play doubles & rotate players so as to give everyone the opportunity of mixing in.

We welcome members of all standards to come along and enjoy the club evening.  We will use the WhatsApp group to enable the confirmation of attendance and manage the numbers. The reference on the club website and member's guide will be updated accordingly.

Members will be notified of our AGM planned for July when hopefully we can meet up in person rather than through Zoom.

We are aiming to create a mini court for juniors, which will be adjacent to court 3 and will update ASAP.

It is great to see the courts being so well used.  Please ensure care is taken when lowering the nets as it can cause problems with the mechanism.  Whilst we pay for court maintenance this only covers leaf clearance etc, thus we don't have anyone on call to carry out remedial work.

Please ensure you close the gate properly when leaving as we have had young people bringing their cycles onto the courts and riding around risking damage to the courts and to themselves.

Everyone's cooperation and support for maintaining our lovely courts will be very much appreciated.