Thanks to sponsorship kindly arranged by 'Sam Grant Physiotherapy' ...

All the adults and juniors who represented the club in team matches this year will be offered a free T-shirt.

If that is you or your child, please ensure you look on the tea table in the back right of the clubhouse where there are sample sizes to try on and an order form to fill in.

You can choose any colour (except U8 team players who we ask to choose red, and U9s who we ask to choose orange).

Please do this within the next couple of weeks so we can then open the offer out to all other members on a 'first come, first served' basis.

If you miss out, T-Shirt will still be purchasable (£8 for child, £10 for adult) in the same way as hoodies from Andy White (07506 922568). 

Any queries about the free T-Shirts ask Ian (07852898799).