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With Monday 19th July set to be "Freedom Day" I am sure we are all experiencing different emotions about how to interpret the government guidelines.

I am pleased to announce the following BTLC committee advice for those who would like a hot beverage when participating in "social play" sessions and duly ask members to apply common sense and to police each other with respect :

1. As of Monday 19th July the clubhouse kitchen is now open and the fridge is back on and hot water restored.

2. Cups and mugs to be washed before and after tea / coffee consumption and tea towels used will be laundered regularly by committee volunteers - a brown laundry basket has been supplied to deposit wet / dirty tea towels. DO NOT STACK DIRTIES IN SINK OR LEAVE CROCKERY TO DRAIN !

3. No food to be consumed if shared - e.g. no biscuit or sweet tins to be passed around.

4. If you are partaking in hot beverage consumption please supply your own milk and remove milk after use / consumption - no milk to be kept in the fridge overnight. THE CLUB WILL SUPPLY TEA , COFFEE AND SUGAR ETC BUT NOT MILK.

5. Masks to be worn in clubhouse and kitchen but can be removed once you are seated and consuming your beverages - no more than 6 members per table if indoors - no masks required if you are outside or indeed table number limits. ( Blue disposable medical masks have been supplied and are available if you forget yours ) 

6. Please continue to "sign in" with diary supplied so we can maintain a "track and trace" element for attending members.

7. Please continue to use hand sanitiser supplied by the club and maintain the utmost hygiene standards when using toilets - sanitising wipes are supplied for cleaning toilet seat and taps etc but please dispose of in the bin supplied and do not flush away.

As a committee we will review above guidelines on a regular basis and will continue to be mindful of any new LTA or government advice.

All other guidance for minimising contact to be maintained - be respectful when playing / using shared equipment and fixtures and fittings ( gates , net tightening handles , doors etc ) and more importantly avoid handshaking, hugging and kissing !