Floodlights Update

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Floodlights update.

Let there be light !!!

Update for you on the floodlights for courts 1 and 2.

Direct Sports Lighting will be on site a week earlier than planned , so w/c 29th March, to complete the "first fix" erecting and cementing poles and removing the old ones.  The good news is all that work will be completed outside of the fencing for courts 1 and 2 so we don't need to close off the courts for play that week.

They will then attend w/c 5th of April for "second fix" to set the lights and connect electrics and that will involve courts 1 and 2 being closed for 1 day - exact date to follow.

Total cost for this project has been just shy of £14,000.00 including VAT - a worthwhile investment.