Wimbledon Draw list 2017

Set out below is the list of BBLTC members eligible for the Wimbledon 2017 ballot. Any member not intending to attend the draw should email

Key rules/requirements to remember are:

- draw takes place in clubhouse at 7.30pm on Monday 24th April

- names are drawn in turn and members choose suitable tickets which are sold in pairs by the LTA - the tickets available are detailed in a separate news item on this website

- the person who's name is drawn must be one of the pair who go to Wimbledon

- members can act on behalf of each and every other member of their household at the draw without restriction

- members can act only once on behalf of any other member who is not in their household; once they have done so, they cannot act on behalf of any other member outside of their household

- members unable to attend the draw who wish to have proxy representation, must nominate their representative by emailing by 6pm on Sunday 23rd April

- juniors are to provide proof of permission of absence from their school if they are to attend Wimbledon on a school day

- there is no limit on the number of pairs of tickets a household can select; however, members can choose to add their names to the reserve list if no suitable dates are available or they wish to encourage a fair distribution of tickets among households