At Bowdon Bowling and Lawn Tennis Club our coach DAVID BRYCELAND offers a wide range of coaching sessions available for all age groups and abilities. David's qualifications include:

LTA Level 4 Senior Club Coach

Bachelors Degree in Sports Development - University West of Scotland

As Head Coach, David covers all aspects of tennis from mini tennis through juniors and up to adults. David provides a vast range of group sessions to encourage people to play and improve their game. Individual lessons and weekly tournaments for each age group are regularly scheduled.


We are very pleased to announce the arrival of an additional coach at our club. Working with David, and with particular responsibility for Juniors, will be Maria Herrera.

Maria is originally from Argentina and has previously worked in Hong Kong before coming to the UK. Since her coaching experience has been gathered from several different countries, she has developed fun innovative ways to deliver tennis sessions for all age groups. She is always trying to share her passion and love for tennis with her students. Maria is an LTA-accredited coach.

David will be sending out information about the next mini terms starting on 3rd August. Minis (yrs. 5-11) and Juniors (yrs. 11-16) coached by Maria.  Needless to say, these will conform to LTA-COVID guidelines. Maria can also offer individual lessons.

If interested, please contact Maria ([email protected]) or David ([email protected]) for details.