Membership Renewals

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BBLTC Tennis membership renewal notices have now been issued via email from LTA/Clubspark. The renewal and payment process is simpler for both players and the club; and it ensures that members' personal data is held securely. There has been only a small increase in fees to help ensure an attractive and competitive offer for members.

The renewal process for 2018 will finish on May 24th. Any 2017 members who have not renewed by this date will be removed from the membership list and will no longer be able to use the club's facilities as members.

Membership is now being managed via the LTA ClubSpark application. Members will receive a renewal invitation by email for fees to be collected via Direct Debit using an external payment processing provider called GoCardless to ensure a more efficient renewals process. Once a member has registered with Clubspark and GoCardless, renewals for this and future years can be completed instantly.

NB - in order to renew, you must click on the renewal link on the personal email renewal invitation sent to you. This will direct you to a renewal invitation that does not include the joining fee. The renewal options on the website are for new members only.

NB - some members have had issues because they have more than one clubspark account, often without realising. Please contact, if you are not sure

NB - where several players are sent a renewal to the same email address, it is possible to create multiple Clubspark accounts using one email address. After creating one direct debit instruction, you must log out of clubspark before you open another renewal and create another clubspark account

Members are assured that membership payments can only be collected when the member approves payment on each occasion. This new process involving ClubSpark and GoCardless ensures that your personal information is kept safe to comply with new Data Protection regulations.

In addition to increased data security, members also have the ability to amend their own information on Clubspark as it changes; e.g. email address, phone numbers, home addresses, LTA registration number. Furthermore, as the club has more accurate and detailed information, it helps us offer members the most appropriate renewal based on family circumstances and age.

Social membership has been discontinued as parents are no longer required to join the club in addition to their children; so this membership option has been unncessary for several years. Infrequent players can play as visitors for up to three times a year without having to join the club.

Renewal fees are as follows:

Adult £156, Country £104, Family £385, Junior/Young Adult £73, Senior £52, Mini £31

Please email with any queries that you may have.