Kosovo 2020

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Again this year we are joining Manchester Aid to Kosovo to help out with the summer club and run the tennis camp. 

The impact that the summer club has on the kids summer experience is a privilege to be a part of and you will make friends and memories you will cherish forever!
I am looking for a team of about 5 volunteers (over 18) to take out this year on the 24th of July to the 3rd August . Flights are currently around £200 and money can be raised towards covering this cost as well as for the charity.

It is an amazing opportunity to be part of out volunteer team, where you gain an invaluable life experience. When out in Kosovo, you would be teaching the kids tennis as well as involving in the arts and crafts part of the summer- however no art skills are required! You would be teamed with Kosovan leaders who you end up becoming good friends with as well as helping them to improve their English, and you Albanian!

I'm going to hold a meeting on Wednesday 13th November in the clubhouse at 6:30 pm for people who are interested in going, hope to see you there!

Many thanks