Coronavirus Covid-19 guidance

We ask that all members adhere to the latest advice issued daily by the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England, aimed at preventing the spread of respiratory viruses and, in particular, Covid-19.
We recommend, in particular, that members should:

- Avoid coming to the club if there is any risk that they have come into contact with Covid-19 and seek medical advice;
- Thoroughly and frequently wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds at a time;
- Keep to the 1m+ social distancing rules

Latest update 19th December 2020 New Summary Grid - Tier 4 

LTA Guidance 20/12/2020



LTA Guidance 2nd December:

Please see our most recent RISK ASSESSMENT HERE

Club Sessions Announcement - latest news 2nd December

TIER 3 Arrangements 2nd December until further notice - with so many cases of Covid not showing any symptoms this is more important than ever.

Further to the email sent out on 27th November please read the following carefully. At the LTA briefing 2/12/20 clubs reported police spot checks, please take care to follow the instructions.


Only 1 person in the clubhouse at a time and ONLY to use the toilet.

Use supplied wipes to clean toilet flush handle, taps and door handle after use.

  • Clubhouse door open - you may enter close the door behind you.
  • Clubhouse door closed - DO NOT enter as someone is in there.
  • Please use the supplied wipes to wipe the door handles and any touch points

Only ONE parent may stay to supervise an under 18 on the site. You MUST NOT wait in clubhouse.



You MUST sign the register.

Maximum of 12 people including the co-ordinator. NO WAITING. Max 12 for the whole session (i.e if someone leaves, it does not mean that member 13 may join). After session leave the premises  NO SOCIALISING. In the unlikely event that you come to a club session and there have been 12 people there YOU WILL HAVE TO RETURN HOME. If the turnout is regularly more that 12 then we will have to put a booking system in place.


Follow usual social distancing as described below from the notice issued 27th November 2020.

Last out? Please lock gate!

If there are any questions please feel free to email me [email protected] or text 07525 909185.

Coronavrus Covid 19 guidance 27th November 2020

You will be aware that we are coming out of national lockdown and the government has confirmed that we may resume tennis on Wednesday 2nd December. This is subject to effective track and trace systems in place. We should be unaffected by travel limitations as we don't have members from outside our area. 

  • Club sessions will continue to be run but WE MUST ensure that we record attendees in the folder which will be on the veranda
  • You may continue to book courts and play in small groups not exceeding 6 in size and keeping to social distancing guidelines
  • Ladder matches may continue following the same guidelines
  • Please do not enter the clubhouse unless it is essential and leave as soon as possible. Do not hang around after sessions to socialise
  • Please take ALL your rubbish home with you, including empty tennis ball containers
  • If you are the last to leave the facility please ensure both the club house and the main gate are locked
  • all of the above is subject to change if and we may issue further guidance if anything new comes from the LTA before we return

If you have any questions or are unsure about ANY aspect of returning to tennis please either reply to this email or send to [email protected] 

You may also wish to see the latest advice issued by the LTA:

Yours John Morgan, David Bailes and Gerry D'cruz