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Membership of Bristol Parks Tennis is just £35 per household, this entitles everybody who lives in your house to book tennis courts free of charge on any of the 15 tennis courts that Bristol Parks Tennis operate.  These courts are at St George, Eastville and Canford parks.

If you dont wish to have the membership you can also just pay £5 each time you play using our pay & play option.


There are currently booking restrictions on the courts. These restrictions are a maximum booking length of 1 hour and you can make a maximum of 4 bookings in a 7-day period.  You may book 2 x1 hour slots in a row.  You can book courts up to 7 days in advance. As we progress, we will review, as necessary.

It is important that you can cancel a court if you do not wish to use it.  We have removed the cancellation "no refund" window for pay and play users, to encourage the cancellation of courts.  If you do not use a court and fail to cancel the booking then a 7-day ban on booking courts will be applied to your account.  GUIDE TO CANCELLING COURTS

Coaching is only permitted on the courts in any of the three parks (Eastville, St George and Canford) with the written consent of Wesport. 


Bristol Parks Tennis Annual Membership

12 months membership

Annual Household Membership for Bristol Parks Tennis.

Eligibility: Annual membership entitles anybody living at your address to book courts at the three parks venues.


12 months membership

Concessions price available to those receiving Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support; Employment & Support Allowance and full-time Carers.

Eligibility: Individuals must be in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support; Employment & Support Allowance or full-time Carers. Proof of eligibility must be sent to Wesport before your membership will be activated.

£25.00 in full

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