Tennis Explosion

Covid-19 Temporary Groups 

With the current situation we have decided to run small (maximum of 4) temporary groups for the Mini Tennis. In addition because these are uncertain times we have decided to change the way you book you sessions. You will only be able to book for one week of coaching, so you will have to rebook each week. 


With everyones situation differing there will be a variety of times available.  We will try to keep the group abilities similar but this will be harder than normal. We will be labeling the groups Foundation and Development.  


Please note that we will request to move players if we feel they are better suited to a different level. 


Foundation Guidelines 

We recommend that beginners to Tennis attend these groups. 

  • Struggles to hit the ball over the net consistently.
  • Little knowledge of correct technique.
  • Cannot keep a rally with another child.


Development  Guidelines 

We recommend that players with experience of Tennis attend these groups. 

  • Can hit the ball over the net consistently.
  • Has some knowledge of the correct technique and can correctly use it. 
  • Can keep a  rally with another child.