Banstead Downs Lawn Tennis Club


These courses are only available to members of Banstead Downs Tennis Club.   A minimum number of four people must sign up before the course can take place.   The cost is £9 per hour.   New juniors wanting to join should send their Membership Application Form to the Club Secretary (Sally Parker 01737 359630) /  [email protected] before signing up for coaching.


Please click on the course you would like to book on to and follow the instructions

Teeny Tennis

                     4-5yrs - Saturdays 8.30-9.00 am weekly

Mini Tennis

                     5-10yrs - Mondays 3.45-4.45pm weekly

                     5-10yrs - Tuesday 4.00-5.00pm weekly

                     7-10yrs - Wednesday 4.00-5.00pm weekly

                     4-7yrs - Saturday 9.00-10.00am  weekly

                     7-8yrs - Saturday 10.00-11.00am weekly

                     9-10yrs - Saturday 11.00-12.00am weekly


Novice Tennis 10+ 

                      11 + Invitation - Tuesday 5.00-6.00 pm weekly

                      11+ Mixed - Wednesday 5.00-6.00pm weekly

                      14+ Mixed - Wednesday 6.00-7.00pm weekly

                      9-10 Invitation squad - Friday 4.15-5.15pm weekly

                      14+ Intermediate/ Student - Friday 6.00-7.00pm weekly


                      10+ Group 1 - Saturday 9.00-10.00am weekly (Beginner)

                      12+ Group 2 - Saturday 10.00-11.00am weekly(Improver)

                      14+ Group 3 - Saturday 11.00-12.00pm weekly( Intermediate)


Cliff Porter has sole responsibility for delivering tennis coaching services provided by or on behalf of CP Tennis at Banstead Downs Lawn Tennis Club Limited (“the Club”).   Neither the Club nor any of its Directors take any legal or other responsibility in respect of such coaching.


These groups are run in term time only. 

Call on 07761 299676 for further infomation