With a large junior section we pay special attention to our safeguarding responsibilities. Our coaches are LTA qualified and DBS checked and we conform with the LTA’s policies on Safeguarding, Anti-bullying, and Diversity & Inclusion.

For more information, please visit the LTA Safeguarding site. The Club's formal policy on Safeguarding can be found here: CLTC Safeguarding Policy and our Changing room code of conduct is available here.

Please contact our Head Coach or our Welfare Officer if you have any concerns in these areas. 

Juniors playing in adult matches:

For any juniors (Under 18) asked to play in an adult match the team captain must ask the child’s parents to complete and return the ‘Consent and Emergency contact form’. Once completed, this form can be used more than once in the same season but captains should check with parents in case of amendments. In addition, if the child requires transport to and/or from a venue, the team captain is responsible for making sure the child’s parents complete the ‘Travel Consent form’. A new travel consent form will need to be completed for every match the junior plays.

The following links are provided should you wish to find out more about the LTA's safeguarding policies or want to take any of their courses.