Derbyshire's First Padel Tennis Court

Padel Tennis came to Derbyshire in April 2022 when we opened the first Padel court in the county.

It is proving hugely popular with players of all ages. Beginners to Tennis and Padel love the game because it is easy to play, only has underam serving and you are never embarassed by wild shots because they just hit the walls and you are not forever running to fetch balls. Similarly, expert Tennis and Padel players also love the challenge of trying a variety of shots, using a lot more slice and the extra aspect of trying to play the ball cleverly to make good use of the walls.

And everyone loves the sociability of Padel. It is always played as doubles and the enclosed nature of the smaller court means that everyone can have a laugh together and chat more easily. Mixed abilities can play together because even the best players can't whack the ball that hard due to the softer ball and Padel bats. And, even if they do hit it hard you can still have a second chance to hit the ball as it rebounds off the walls.

Sophie Brealey, a Church Broughton member who also works at PDH Sports in Duffield has written this excellent blog explaining all about Padel, the rules and some playing tips - The Complete Guide to Padel Tennis

To play Padel at Church Broughton, you can either Pay and Play - just pay and book online on our Booking Page - or join the club as a Padel Member and then it is free to play for the year - go to our Membership Page for details.

We welcome suggestions from our Padel members about events and sessions that you'd like to run. Currently we run three social sessions during the week. These are FREE to Padel members and free for the first session for non-members wnating to try the game, then £10 a session until you join the club.

  • A Ladies Social Session on Monday evenings 6-8pm - contact Anne Allen - 07979 041228
  • A Men's Social Session on Tuesday evenings 6-8pm - contact John Allen - 07895 595979

We also have a Padel Ladder for our Padel members - contact John Allen to enter a pair to join the ladder. All details of the rules, etc can be found in our Clubhouse.