Latest LTA Guidance for Tier 4 Tennis.

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Over the weekend the LTA updated their guidance to accommodate advice on the new Tier 4 (Peterborough currently sits in Tier 4). It could be worse, but being in Tier 4 means that the indoor courts have to close. On the outdoor courts juniors (under 18s) can play singles and doubles as well as have group coaching and 121 lessons, so after the Christmas break we are likely to be moving the junior coaching programme to the outdoor courts, assuming Peterborough stays in Tier 4 for a while.

For adults the rules are much tighter for outdoor play:-

  • With no adult group coaching currently permitted.
  • No club sessions allowed.       
  • And no doubles allowed (Doubles is possible if all players are from the same household (support bubble)).

Adults can however play singles with members of other households and have 121 lessons on the outdoor courts.