SWAN Team Challenge

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The Teams are in for this weekend's Swan Tournament!

We have been overwhelmed by the demand with 32 players signed up!

Play will start at 3pm but please arrive at 2:45 for a warm up. You have been split into team Pink and team Blue! (If I don’t see you before I will give you your t-shirt on the day) You will then team up with different members of your team to play matches against the others. Which ever team has the most games at the end of the tournament wins!


This tournament is played in fun sprit all in the aid of the SWAN charity (Syndromes without a name). Throughout the day there will also be a hockey tournament raising money and fate style stools, cake sale, Raffle and a BBQ to create a nice atmosphere at the club. Please bring cash to be able to support the stalls, raffles and BBQ.


Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!