Club Night & Coaching

Members Club night has stopped for winter and will start again in the Spring.

The next block of coaching courses will start from 15 February. Courses will be available to book at the end of January.

Club Night is a informal relaxed  doubles social tennis evening. Organised by a coach you will play lots of short doubles macthes with and against other members in a fun envirioment.

Tennis Xpress.

If you have never played tennis before, or haven’t played in a long time, then Tennis Xpress is for you. It is an easy and fun way for adult beginners to get into the game.

During the six week course you will be taught new skills and be shown how to serve, rally and score, so that by the end, you will be able to enjoy fun matches with your friends, family or other people you meet on the course.

Adult Improver Course 

If you already play or have completed the tennis xpress course and are able to rally with other players this course is perfect. You will work on technique, tactics and match play situations.