Members only can book courts 1-4 at CVC during club hours

Booking courts 1-4 at Cottenham Sports Centre, behind Cottenham Village College:

Only Cottenham Tennis Club members can book courts 1-4 at CSC for free during  club hours on the above booking sheet.   These are the only hours shown on this booking sheet.  Where it says closed it doesn't mean you can't play at that time, it means that you need to book via the Vivify website.  If members want to play during public hours they need to book via the Vivify website.   

Anyone can play at Cottenham Sports Centre (CSC), non-members and members alike any time of year.  To book at CSC go to the Vivify website here.  There are different prices for members and non-members.   Members will need to call Vivify to get the members discounted hire rate offered during public hours.