Durham Community Tennis Partnership was formally constituted as a Community Interest Company in February of 2018 but has been around in the guise of the Derwentside Tennis Partnership for over 10 years. 

It was originally set up in partnership with Shotley Tennis Club, Leisureworks and the local schools, to support tennis development and was very successful in raising funds to deliver Tennis Coaching Training and a variety of Tennis related developments over a number of years. 

The current aims of the Durham Community Tennis Partnership broadly are to develop Tennis Programmes, Coach Training and related activities, and to support Coaching Development in partnership with local projects. It also has the ability to access funding in partnership with other organisations to deliver programmes to the wider community. 

During 2016/17 the work expanded with Durham Moor Tennis Club as well as Lanchester Tennis Club and it was decided to expand the remit of the original organisation across Co Durham and change the status to a more formal not for profit company. It became part of the Club Spark Programme and now organises coaching across three tennis centres with a number of Coaches being involved. It has also been working closely with the LTA during this time to support its aims of tennis development with its Transforming British Tennis programme and implementation of the Club Spark programme and online access to tennis. 

One key element of the Partnership is to work with the LTA alongside their programme of investment in local Tennis facilities. In order for this investment to be successful, we need a structured programme of Coach training and Coach support to enable continuity for these projects. At present many programmes fail when a coach moves on as well as there being many existing projects who are struggling to access qualified coaches. The partnership can provide this organisational structure for smaller clubs and projects to access coaches across the County and assist them in developing new Coaching programmes and Tennis Development. 

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