Junior Coaching


Croxley Tennis Club is a member only club.  All juniors participating in term time group lessons must also take out an annual membership.



Junior Coach:  Karen Dawson LTA Level 3 

Karen is a highly experienced tennis coach with over 30 years of coaching experience gained in various tennis venues, such as parks, clubs and indoor centres. She has a passion for grass roots tennis and has developed her coaching philosophy over the years which enables her to help players of all ages, levels and abilities. As a junior Karen represented Middlesex in the County Cup and was a county champion. At present Karen is relaunching and developing the junior programme at Croxley Tennis Club. If you would like more information on classes or private lessons to improve your game further, then please contact Karen@croxleytennis.com



Tots 3-4yrs

Tots use slower red or sponge balls to learn the basics and how to enjoy the game through a series of fun activities based on the fundamental areas of balance, coordination, agility, movement, and ball and racket skills. Activities are done either without nets or with the use of mini tennis nets.

Mini Red 5-8yrs

The emphasis is on the fundamentals of movement, balance, coordination, and agility. Players learn the rules of tennis and develop the basics of good technique and tactics in an active and fun environment. Mini Reds play across the width of a standard court, mini tennis nets are used and the balls are softer and slower.

Orange 8-9 yrs and Green 9-10yrs

Mini Orange tennis is played on a 3/4 length court with a soft orange ball and is used for the younger of this age group, 8-9yr olds. Mini Green tennis is played on a full-size court but the green balls are still lighter than the full-court yellow balls. The older end of this age group will play with the green ball.

At this stage there is a focus on the technical and tactical aspects of the game: grips, serves, returns, swing shapes, footwork patterns, and basic patterns of match play.  As with Mini Red, there is huge importance on players being in an active and fun environment

Yellow 11-16yrs 

This age group plays on the full court with the yellow ball. The focus is on the consolidation of all the aspects at the orange and green stages played on the full-sized court.

There is added emphasis on depth, spin, direction, shot selection, anticipation, and different patterns of match play. Players at this level will know the rules, and how to play and score in singles and doubles.  As with the mini red, orange, and green players, there continues to be strong importance on players at this level being in an active and fun environment. Tennis is a game for life!