Membership fees 2022/23

Subscription Rates - 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 (agreed 10.03.22)

Membership Secretary is Serge Merone - [email protected].

Membership fees are charged annually by the club which cover the period from 1 April until 31 March the following year.

If you would like more information or report any child or vulnerable person protection concerns, please contact our Club Secretary and Welfare Officer: Serge Merone – 01738 447467 [email protected]

Darnhall Tennis Club courts are open in line with the Scottish Government and LTA guidance - COVID guidance

Please register by selecting your membership package below. By registering, you agree to the following:

I agree to abide by the Court Access rules and Code of Conduct of Darnhall Tennis Club which are available from the Club Secretary or on this website.

I note that the information you provide us with will be kept securely and in confidence and specific information contained within the medical and disability declarations will be restricted to the club committee and club coach and will only be used in the event of illness/accident or to make special arrangements for the member at Darnhall Tennis Club. Unless we hear from you to the contrary the Club will assume that you give permission for you to be involved in any publicity photographs involving the promotion of the club and understand that any photographs used by the club will follow the LTA guidelines. Similarly photographs or video may be taken by LTA Licenced Coaches for coaching purposes unless you expressly indicate otherwise to the coach concerned.

I will let you know of any medical conditions, special care needs, dietary requirements, or allergies that I feel the Board and Club coach should be aware of.

As a guardian, I agree for the child, who is under my responsibility, to take part in the activities of the club.  He/she/they has/have agreed to follow the rules of the club, and I agree to accept the code of conduct for parents. To my knowledge, he/she/they has/have no special care needs, dietary requirements, allergies or medical conditions that could affect his/her/their safety at the club, other than those declared to the Club Coach . I understand that in the event of any injury, illness or other medical need, all reasonable steps will be taken to contact me, and to deal with the situation appropriately. I also give my consent for my child/children to be involved in any publicity (photographs, video or TV footage) at Darnhall Tennis Club.

The Disability Discrimination Act defines disability as follows “any physical or mental impairment which has substantial adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day to day activities”.  DTC is “positive about disabled people” and the club will endeavour to accommodate any such disabilities at the request of the member.  If you feel you require any special requirements or arrangements to play tennis at DTC, please contact the Club secretary.

Please note that Darnhall Tennis Club would like all members to sign up to the LTA British Tennis Membership Scheme. This membership is free to Darnhall TC members. See the internet link below for more information about the direct benefits to you: -  The more members are registered, the more Wimbledon tickets the Club members could access.

The floodlights will be used on our weekly Wednesdy Members night at no cost to the players. There are aditional hourly charges for use of the floodlights to cover electricity use, maintenance and eventual replacement. Tokens for the floodlight are available from members of the Club Board at a cost of £4 each for one hour. Additionally, a deposit of £10 is needed to get a key for the token meter. Only club members will have access to the floodlights. 

Non-members can also access the courts through Pay and Play: £5 per hour per court for adults, and £3.50 per hour per court for juniors.


Adult 18 and over

01/04/2022 - 31/03/2023

adult membership 18 and over


01/04/2022 - 31/03/2023

Concession on the adult membership where the eligibility applies. Proof of eligibility must be presented before the membership is approved.

Eligibility: Income Support; Job Seekers Allowance; Universal Credit; War Disablement Pension; Carers Allowance; Working Tax Credit;

£50.00 in full

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Family Membership

01/04/2022 - 31/03/2023

2 adults plus any children

Juniors 12 - 17

01/04/2022 - 31/03/2023

Junior membership 12 and over

Eligibility: 12 years old and over

Minis 11 and under

01/04/2022 - 31/03/2023

Child less than 12 years old

Eligibility: Les than 12 years old


01/04/2022 - 31/03/2023

Student over 17 in Full Time education

Eligibility: Student over 17 in Full Time Education

£50.00 in full

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