Introducing our new coach

Dear Members of Dellcott Family Tennis Club,

Hello, my name is Steve Whelan, and I’m proud to be joining your fantastic club next week to help provide some additional coaching services to complement the tremendous job Anthony and the rest of the team at the club have done so far.

I am an LTA Level 4 Performance Coach and have worked in clubs, centres and venues of all shapes and sizes, from small two court clubs to large LTA high-performance centres.

I’ll be the first to say Tennis is a challenging sport, a sport full of highs and lows in rapid succession. From the ecstasy of a forehand winner to the frustration of a double fault. Maybe you have been trying to get into the club teams, clinch the club championship or want to play with your kids.

Don’t worry about it. I have you covered. I have been a professional tennis coach for over twenty years. I’ve worked with tots who can barely stand up to national level juniors. From adults who have a booming first serve but a ‘dolly’ second serve to national club league players.

I have made a career of producing competitive players, players who can play in a match situation. From playing in a friendly four on a Saturday to playing 1st team tennis, I can make the difference between a win and a loss.

My philosophy is very simple, tennis is a sport, in sport you play to win, I show players ways to win not just to have the perfect looking stroke. I teach children how to make decisions, take ownership, handle disappointment and resilience. All key life skills not just for the tennis court.

My lessons are fun, engaging and progressive. No matter what your level, I can help you and offer lots of coaching services from private lessons, video analysis, match analysis, racket stringing and equipment sales.

I also have active roles within tennis as a LTA Performance Coach Representative, Buckinghamshire County Coach and a LTA Coach Educator.

Away from the court I spend what little spare time I have trying to control my two young girls, walking my dog or in the gym.

You can get in touch with me on 07543078933 or email . Find out more about me on Instagram @mytenniscoaching

I look forward to seeing you on court soon