Pickleball began in the USA in 1965 and is now the fastest growing sport in North America, spreading to the UK in 2011. Dellcott Family Tennis Club began to offer the sport in 2021 during lockdown, attracting over 30 players and growing.

Pickleball is a racket sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and table-tennis. It is easy to learn, fast-paced and extremely fun to play due to the long rallies that occur throughout a game and the strategies used to make the game more competitive. The game is played with a hard “paddle” and a light, hollow, hard plastic ball with holes in, which travels at about a third of the average speed of a tennis ball. The game is played on a court with the same dimensions as badminton doubles, but with a net a little lower than a tennis net. Pickleball is almost always played in doubles format, although singles is also very popular and fun to play, especially for those looking for a greater challenge.

Pickleball is an ideal game for men and women of all ages: children and young people can develop their hand-eye co-ordination prior to taking up tennis; older adults can enjoy the social aspect of playing with others, while keeping active without putting excessive strains on their body. A new player can enjoy the sport and experience long rallies on the first day of playing. Players with racket-sport experience will find that their skills transfer immediately. More advanced players enjoy the fast-paced, competitive challenge that pickleball offers.

Do come along and give this exciting game a try. Here are the details:

Wednesdays 10am-12noon
Thursdays 2pm-4pm

  • Regular twice-weekly sessions
  • Open to adults over the age of 18
  • Players will need to book in advance on the Coaching page of our website
  • We mark out 4 pickleball courts over 2 tennis courts, using throw-down markers
  • We have our own dedicated nets and we provide all the equipment
  • Players just need to wear comfortable clothing and trainers or tennis shoes and bring along plenty of enthusiasm!


Here is a short video to show how addictive the game can be.

For further information, please contact Etain on dellcottpickleball@outlook.com.