How to Book?

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Booking instructions

Welcome on the Deuce Tennis Academy website!

Please read the instructions below to book online:

What's on the website?

  • Book your kids or yourself in courses and pay by credit card. No need to go through the struggle to do a bank transfer or try to remember how much you owe.
  • News that will keep you updated about classes, events, tournaments etc.
  • Information about the coaching team.

Why booking online?

  • As well as a social media update you'll also receive an email when a class is cancelled.
  • Once setup booking in to classes is so simple.

Step by step:

  1. Go to the Junior/Adult Coaching page
  2. Look under club you are interested in going to.
  3. Look at the programme (attached) and pick the course of your choice by doing a quick search (day and level). Instructions on how to do it are on the page.
  4. Create a clubspark account.
  5. Pay by credit card.
  6. Receive a confirmation email once your booking is done.