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Club Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Use of Car Park
We have a small car park that gets very busy at peak times so if you can walk or cycle please do so. The car park is for Members only and all cars need to display an uptodate annual EGTSRC car park badge which will be given to you on payment of your subscription. Please park considerately, ideally at an angle rather than at right angles which will make entry / exit easier for everyone - and keep cars as close together as possible at peak times. Do not block or park in the entrance / access way to reception. Guidelines have been painted in the car park to assist with parking at the correct angle. If all members park at this angle we will get as many cars as possible into our car park.

Ship Street Surgery Car Park
This should not be used at any time for overflow parking.

Members’ Contact Details
Contact details for all members are available on the MyCourts members’ portal which is password protected. A passport-type photo can be added to your individual account and there are adjustable Privacy settings as required. Members are encouraged to arrange / join informal WhatsApp groups as as an ideal way to arrange box league or tournament matches.

Social Media
Please make use of our Facebook pages to share with the wider world what a great club we are!

Booking a Tennis/Squash Court
Full Members can book courts up to 14 days in advance but not before 7am each morning when new courts become available on the booking system. Please see the full Booking Rules on the MyClub members’ portal as well as details regarding booking fees, buying credit, cancellation / refunds and transferring credit to another player who has booked the court for you. 

Bringing a Guest
You can bring a non-member as a guest to play tennis, squash or racketball up to a maximum of 3 guests per day and 3 visits to the club per guest per annum. The cost is £3 per guest per visit and the Member needs to sign-in each guest in the Guest book by the Court Booking Screen and use the cash envelopes for the guest fee. For full information please see the Club Rules.

Using a Squash Court
There are £1 coin meters for each court which turns on the lights for 40mins. The court heaters are separately controlled by time switches so if you do turn them off during a game, please remember to switch them back on after you finish. The door for the outside courts should always be locked when the courts are not in use and the corridor lights switched off so remember to lock the door and return the key to its usual position by the Court Booking Screen if you are the last to finish on Courts 1 or 2. Please wear non-marking shoes and respect the start / finish times for your booking if others are waiting.

Using a Tennis Court
The usual etiquette is not to enter the court at the start of your booking whilst another match is playing a point on an adjacent court. Please also respect the start / finish time for your booking if others are waiting and do not attempt to recover any tennis balls hit into adjoining properties.  Please remember to drag the clay courts after use, in line with the guidelines that are posted by each entrance gate.

Tennis Court Floodlights
The tennis courts nearest the clubhouse (1 and 2 on the artificial clay - 5 and 6 on the poraflex) are floodlit. The coin meters for each court are by the Court Booking Screen in the Clubhouse and the cost is £1 for 15 mins, so bring some coins with you in order to share the cost between players. Please be aware that the lights take circa 5/10mins to fully warm up, even if they have just been on.

The Club has installed a portable defibrillator which is kept just inside the backdoor and training has been given to certain members from both the tennis and squash/RB sections. Please familiarise yourself with its operation by viewing the links below. We clearly hope it will never be needed but if there is an emergency, the instructions with the defibrillator are clear and self explanatory - and could help save a life.

How to use a defibrillator
London Ambulance Instruction Video


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