Barnton Park for all ages and in all weather!

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Bill Lothian, 12th February 2021

Barnton Park are justifiably proud of offering tennis for all ages from youngsters who decide their coaching must go on in blizzards (see pic) – to  93-year-old Syl Pearson who has won the club’s “Sensational Seventies +” doubles tournament in partnership with Shelagh McGuire.

Syl, a former British Grass Courts over-85 champion, is even the subject of a “Sport For Life” video produced by Tennis Scotland.

“It’s the social aspect, that and playing to keep fit” says Syl of his tennis life.

He adds: “That, and keeping fit”

Emphasising that all are welcome at Barnton Park, he adds:

“The most important thing at this age is the fun aspect. We really do enjoy it. Come and have a game – we’ll give you a tea afterwards!”

You can watch his video on this link: