ACCESS TO COACHING AT FALKIRK LTC IS ONE OF THE PERKS OF MEMBERSHIP AND IS OPEN TO MEMBERS ONLY.  If you are interested in joining a coaching programme please complete your club membership application before booking your coaching sessions.

Our coaching team is led by Callum Lloyd who is an experienced and highly regarded L4 level coach. Callum  is supported by 3 assistant coaches Tim Goldie (L3), Mark Christie (L2) and Olivia Smart (L2).  

For more details of coaching available at Falkirk LTC visit our coaching website by clicking on the link below.

<Falkirk LTC Coaching>

Coaching for Adult Members

Falkirk LTC is looking to launch coaching sessions for adults. 

Please follow the link below for more details and to book.

<Adult Coaching>

121 coaching is also available from our coaching team.  Our coaches are self employed and if you are interested in booking a session email us at and we'll put you in touch!

Coaching for Junior Members

Junior Coaching - Saturday Sessions - Falkirk LTC Members Only

The club runs Saturday coaching sessions for juniors.

Please click on the link below for more details and to book.

<Junior Coaching>