Club Rules

Care of the Courts

1.        Proper tennis shoes must be worn at all times.  (See the notice by the entrance).

2.        Do not put too much tension on the nets.  Lower the nets after use.

3.        Please ensure that the gate is locked if you are the last person leaving the courts.

4.        Please ensure that the courts are taken care of and that litter is removed.

Full information about how to care for the courts can be found in this linked document:

Care of the Courts


Club Sessions

5.        A Senior Club evening will be held on Tuesday from 6pm and Friday from 5pm, and a Senior Club weekend session will be on Sunday morning from 11am to 1pm.

6.        Play during Club sessions:-

               a)  Doubles must be played and not singles if other members are waiting to play.                         

               b)  A short set should be played.  That is, play will terminate when the first side reaches 4 games.

               c)  At the end of each short set players must make way for those who are waiting.  If less than four players are 
                     waiting then sufficient of the players who have finished must leave the court to allow all waiting players
                     to join in. 

7.        Senior Club sessions are exclusive to adult members and so junior members can only play if there are no adults waiting to play.  Juniors must finish their game (not their set) and leave the courts if adults arrive.

8.        Junior Club sessions, when operating, are exclusive to juniors and so adults can only play on the like terms as 7 above.

Public Access

9.        Non-members may use the courts between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday (other than bank holidays) on payment of £5 per court per hour, and on Saturday and Sunday between 2pm and 5pm at £10 per court per hour.


10.      Suitable tennis clothing and shoes should be worn at all times.

11.      Other than in Club sessions, the courts can only be used by players who have booked a court beforehand using the booking system on the Club website.

12.      Members are welcome to bring a guest on payment of a fee of £5 per visit which should be paid through the booking system on the Club website.

13.      Club coaching sessions, details of which will be made known to members, will take priority over other play. 

14.     Players should inform a member of the Committee if non-members are persistently using the courts other than during public access hours

15.     Social distancing measures apply. Please read the LTA Guidance for Tennis Players in England – Covid-19: Return to Play (see our website for latest version).


April 2021