QUESTION: You are requiring me to pay my subs via ClubSpark and thus forcing me to agree to a direct debit. But I do not want to set up an ongoing direct debit. ANSWER: The direct debit that you have to agree to via ClubSpark and GoCardless is a one-off payment. It does NOT automatically renew.

QUESTION: I was forced to pay £101, while I should only have paid £95 for a membership renewal. I have been a member for around 16 years and I have got a key fob, so I don’t really need a new one. There wasn’t an option to choose anything else. ANSWER: If you are purchasing directly from our website, then the only option will be to pay the amount of £101.00 for new members. Our renewing members will receive an email with a link from us. If you follow the link in the email and SIGN IN with your existing details, you will see the renewal price of £95. You will see the log in method you need to SIGN IN with (e.g. email + password, or LTA / Facebook / Microsoft methods) - as it is shown on your renewal email. If you don't see a sign in method on the renewal email, you may need to 'register' following the link in the email. This is the only way to pick up the renewal price of £95.00.

If you have paid £101.00 as a renewing member, please cancel your Direct Debit with your bank (as a 'charge back' to have the funds returned to you). You can then follow the link in the email (or ask us to re-send that email) to pay the renewal price of £95.00.

QUESTION: I want to renew a family membership, 2 adults and one child. I can’t see that option? ANSWER: There is no such option. If the adults are married or in partnership, then pay for a Senior Couple, and then pay again for the child separately.

QUESTION: I want a membership for myself, for my student daughter and also a membership for each of my fourteen year old twin boys. How do I do that? ANSWER: If none of you have registered yet with ClubSpark begin by registering yourself as a Senior Member and then register each child separately. So all of you end up with your own individual username and password. For your student daughter, select the membership Student with Member Parent, for the twins select each time Junior with Member Parent. This way all your names appear correctly as separate members (but linked to the parent) and all of you can separately book courts by using your own individual username and password. Please note: under the new EU privacy regulations under 13-year olds cannot create a user account.

QUESTION: I would like to sign up for a family membership. It would be for me and my two children. ANSWER: We do not offer a family membership. In order to make all three of you members, you would sign up first for a Senior Membership and then twice again for a Junior Membership if your children are under 18.

QUESTION: How do I opt in to your Newsletter and Events Letter and the Wimbledon ballot? ANSWER: You will not receive any news from us UNLESS you opt in to (1) our newsletters, (2) our announcements of events (such as a tennis tournament + BBQ, a quiz night, court maintenance etc.) and (3) LTA membership and Wimbledon ballot. Here is how you opt in:

1. go to clubspark.lta.org.uk/ForestRowLawnTennisClub
2. sign in (top right corner), make sure you use your sign-in details that you registered with. If you can't remember, I won't know them either, sorry.
3. click on your name (top right corner).
4. click on your name under CHANGE THE USER (if more users appear).
5. click on "Edit Profile" in the wide grey bar with your name on it.
6. verify/update all your personal details (not mandatory, but wise to do).
7. click on "Your privacy and consents".
8. opt in to what you want.
10. you're done.

QUESTION: I am a member of the club, but cannot book any court? ANSWER: You need to be registered with ClubSpark to be able to book courts. When you paid your subscription for the first time you created a username and password in ClubSpark. You need to use that SAME username and password to log into ClubSpark to book a court, or to make any changes to your profile or opt-ins. If you have forgotten your password, click on "forgotten password" to create a new one. DO NOT CONTACT THE MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY FOR YOUR USERNAME OR PASSWORD. SHE DOES NOT KNOW THEM EITHER. If you still cannot remember them after having tried at least 10 different versions of your username and password, then ask ClubSpark at support@clubspark.co.uk.

QUESTION: Why am I getting these emails reminding me to renew my Senior membership, while I have already paid? ANSWER: You are receiving this reminder because you have created a new profile for yourself in ClubSpark. You have not renewed your Senior membership at £95, but created a new one at £101. Therefore you are paying too much. Please take these steps now immediately to save you money and to correct your double membership:

  • cancel your direct debit immediately to get your £101 back. We can only then delete the new membership you created.
  • look for the email that reminded you to pay your £95 renewal of membership.
  • click on the link provided in that email and renew your membership at £95.

QUESTION: Please update my email and phone number in ClubSpark. ANSWER: All members are responsible to update their own contact details. You can do this as follows:

  1. sign in to ClubSpark with your username and password at top right of page.
  2. after signing in, click on your name on top right of page
  3. click on My account
  4. make changes as needed
  5. click on SUBMIT
  6. you're done.

QUESTION: I do not want another keyfob when I renew my 7-months Senior or Senior Couple membership into a 12 months membership. ANSWER: If at the point of renewal of your membership on 1 April, your expiring membership was a 7-months membership, unfortunately you will have to take out a membership as if you are going to be a new member. Alas, our ClubSpark software is not able to recognise you as an existing Senior member. Therefore, you will be charged again for a keyfob. If you do not want another keyfob, let our Membership Secretary know who will then organise a refund for you of the keyfob money.