The Club has carried out an analysis of the various risks and hazards that might be associated with playing tennis at the courts at Brown’s Field, Freshford. Although these are minimal, the Club is committed to ensuring that they are minimised or eradicated.


Moving vehicles.

Risk - low

Vehicles in the vicinity of the playing area are exclusively used by players or spectators. These vehicles are also moving at low speed.

Remote or isolated locations

Risk - medium

The courts are located in a reasonably remote situation. However, players are rarely alone and by nature of the location are almost exclusively in a car which is parked adjacent to the courts themselves. Since playing is normally during daylight hours except winter evenings, at which time we have floodlights, we believe that we have minimised the risks posed by the location.


Risk – low

There is minimal combustible material at the site save a small wooden hut, which stands outside the courts, and the football club house, which we used occasionally.

On site facilities

Risk - low

We have occasional use of the football club house to use during matches. The club house is maintained by the football club and has full security lights outside and requisite fire extinguishers.

Uneven terrain

Risk – medium

The car parking area and approach to the courts are not paved. This does inevitably mean that there are uneven areas. Since most players park their cars within a few metres of the courts the risk of falls or injuries are low. We maintain the courts themselves with resurfacing as required and have them pressure hose cleaned at least twice a year or as necessary. Entrance and exit from the courts are well maintained to reduce the risk of trips.