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Club Closure


It is with great regret that we inform you G2E Tennis & Sports Club will be shutting and not reopening after COVID 19. We will be reviewing our position and seeing if we as a sporting venue can pivot and provide other sports. 


We realise that this will have come as a great surprise to everyone. However we have been in a dispute over the tennis courts with MK council and North Crawley Parish Council for over 5 years. Unfortunately we have lost our appeal with the Secretary of State and have been ordered to remove them. 


To state that we are “gutted” would be an understatement. However we are excited to see the sporting opportunities that will be provided in our absence and would be keen on working together on these if the opportunity arises. 


All direct debits will be cancelled on our end and monies should not be taken. Please can you ensure direct debits on your end also. If you have any issues/questions please feel free to contact us please on [email protected]


If there is something that you feel is missing from the surrounding area and you feel that we would be able to provide this. Please do contact as your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 


If you are in one of our programmes at the club. We will be sending out information for what is available and where for when we start back. 


Keep safe and hope to see everyone at a later date. 

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