Junior Coaching


The new term is nearly here! Check out our latest drop of courses for February!

New River 

  • Free After School with Tennis for Free 5-7s Red - Monday 4pm (19th February to 25th March)
  • 8-11s Orange - Monday 5pm  (19th February to 25th March)
  • Indoor 5-7s Red - Wednesday 4pm (21st February to 27th March)
  • Indoor 8-12s Orange - Wednesday 5pm (21st February to 27th March)

Down Lane Park 


These courses can still be joined:

New River 

  • Free After School with Tennis for Free 5-7s Red - Monday 4pm (8th January to 5th February)
  • 8-11s Orange - Monday 5pm  (8th January to 5th February)
  • Indoor 5-7s Red - Wednesday 4pm (3rd January to 7th February)
  • Indoor 8-12s Orange - Wednesday 5pm (3rd January to 7th February)

Down Lane Park 

  • 5-7s Red - Thursday 4pm (4th January to 8th February)
  • 8-11s Orange - Thursday 5pm (4th January to 8th February)



Georgians Tennis in the Park Junior Player Pathway

We are proud to introduce our Junior Player Pathway which will provide fun and welcoming programmes delivered by high quality, inspirational coaches.

The Pathway has something suitable for all abilities for players between 4 and 15, and will ensure they enjoy themselves as they maximise their potential.

We will work with local schools and Haringey Council to ensure the Pathway is accessible to players of all abilities and sets clear direction for improvement.

Our mission is to inspire and develop young children through tennis, ensuring they experience the social aspect as well as learning the game, establishing tennis as a sport for life.  We have set out these four courses to deliver this.


Inspire to play (4-11)

We are delighted to be running the LTA Youth Start programme for players that are new to the game and are 4 to 11 years old. This 6 week course is a great way to start your tennis adventure. Each player involved in this programme will be provided with a tennis racquet. For more details click HERE

Inspire Enjoyment (4-8)

We aim to inspire children through a variety of tennis specific games that help them to have fun while they learn. Part of the LTA Youth course.

Instill Fundamentals (8-9)

We will look to build stronger technical and tactical foundations as well as learning a variety of physical skills in this stage. Part of the LTA Youth course.

Learn to Train (9-10)

Progressing key skills and ensuring players have fun whilst developing an all round game are the focus of this stage. Part of the LTA Youth course.


Please check the different park sites above to see what junior coaching courses are running near you.

The Pathway is fully linked with the Youth Programme being delivered at the Georgians Tennis Academy. Players at all stages who are keen to continue their development in a more competitive environment may wish to move across to the Club. Our friendly and experienced coaches work across both the different paths will be happy to help and advise.

This is the pathway that shows how these two programmes run alongisde each other: