2022 Summer Fixtures

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Summer Leagues run from April to August (weather permitting!) and we have one team in each of the 3 Leagues - Mens Doubles, Ladies Doubles  and  Mens 45+ Doubles.

For the Mens/Ladies matches the teams consists of 4 players (2 pairs) and each pair plays 2 matches against both opposing pairs. Matches consist of 2 full sets, each with a tie break at 6-6.  If the match is tied at one set all, a 10 point “Match Tie Break” will be played.

For the Mens 45+ Doubles  the team consist of 4 players (2 pairs) and each pair plays 2 matches against the opposing pairs.  Scoring is the same as above.

We also have one team competing in the Apsley Mixed Doubles League, consisting of 4 mixed pairs. Each event consists of 3 tie break sets. 

Mens/ Ladies/Apsley Mixed Matches are played on Saturday and start at 1pm

 Mens 45+ Matches start at 6pm at home