GTC 100 Club Draw

MAY 24 Winners  -  Sarah Snell and Steve Heard 

APR  24Winners -  Fran and Dave 

MAR  24 Winners -  Mandie and Oli

FEB 24 Winners  -   Mandie and Rosemary 

JAN 24 Winners  -  Will and Peter

NOV 23 Winners  - Shelley and Carmen  

OCT 23 Winners  -  Bonnie and Steve H

SEP 23 Winners - Peter and Cheryl

AUG 23 Winners -  Carmen and Jill 

JUL 23  Winners   -  Simon Jones  and Fran 


What is a 100 Club?
A 100 Club is a popular lottery scheme that belongs to a particular 
community. Its aim is to raise much needed funds for a cause while 
at the same time making winners of everyone who pays into the club! 

What are we fundraising for?
Originally we set up the 100 Club to help raise funds for a bigger, 
more modern clubhouse. This project is so we 
turned our attention elsewhere. As you may know we have 
an ongoing battle with moss growing on our two carpet courts. To 
help us in this fight we have purchased a heavy duty, petrol, 
mechanical sweeping machine in 2023.  Moving forward,  we  have just purchased two metal benches for the patio and are now  saving up for our next purchase which has yet to be decided .

How can you get involved?
Everyone who pays into the 100 Club will see half of their monthly 
donation go towards fundraising, with the other half going into cash 
prizes. The cost is £4 a month for one number and we will run a 
regular monthly draw. The more people who buy into the scheme, 
the larger the cash prizes. 
A monthly standing order system is the most convenient payment 
method, or we can arrange another payment route if required. Your 
chances of winning are increased relative to your monthly donation, 
for example £8 a month gets you 2 numbers and doubles your 
chances of a win.

When does it start?
From Friday 1st April 2022 there will be a monthly draw every first 
Friday of the month at the Ladies Social Tennis in the morning. The 
draw will be photographed for transparency and the winning names 
and numbers posted on our club facebook page and the news page 
of our website.

Do I have to be present at the draw?
No. Prize winners will be contacted directly and the prize paid by BACS. 

What could I win?
1st Prize will be £1.50 multiplied by the number of subcribers that 
month. So for example: 
25 subscribers means a £37.50 first prize. 
50 subscribers means a £75 first prize.
We currently have 33 subscribers = £49.50 first prize.
2nd Prize will be 50p multiplied by the number of subscribers that 
month. So for example: 
25 subscribers and the 2nd prize will be £12.50.
50 subscribers and it will be £25.
We currently have 33 subscribers = £16.50 second prize.

How do I join?
Please set up a standing order with your bank for either £4 a month 
or £48 annually. Details are below. Multiple 
entries may be purchased but entries can only be in the name of 
registered Goodrich Tennis Club members.
Payments must be received by the 25th of the month so that they 
can be included in the following month’s draw. Any subscriptions 
received after this will automatically be put into the next month. Of 
course, once your standing order is set up, you don’t have to worry 
about missing a draw again!

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. You can cancel at any time by contacting your bank, if you 
could also let us know we would be most grateful.



Account Name Goodrich Tennis Club
Sort Code 20-39-64 
Account No. 5363 5805 
Type of Account Business account