Members Only Club Session reservation (up to 1 week in advance)

The Member Only Club sessions below will resume on 29th March  (non-members see membership tab for how to join)

We cannot use the clubroom so only 12 members can book per session so if you cannot make a session you have booked you must email the organiser on the confirmation email.

Please bring 2 x £1 coins to pay for floodlights.

The evening Monday-Friday Club Sessions (called courses below) will run from 18:30-21:30 and on Sundays from 10:00 to 13:00. These 'courses' must always be pre-booked  by  members only during the preceding 7 days limited to a maximum of 12.  Booked members should endeavour to arrive on time so that the hosting volunteers will still be able to enjoy an evening of tennis play alongside their opening, closing and supervision duties.  Current Covid-19 regulations means it will no longer be permissible to simply turn up and play at any session.

The clubroom will be closed but members may use their key to use the toilets which they should clean before use with the sanitisation materials provided.  They will be strictly one in one out and it is the responsibility of members to check the toilets are vacant before using them.

 In accordance with regulations we have to make the kitchen and bar area strictly out of bounds to everyone except the designated host for the evening.  There will not be any bar service and members should bring their own water but suitable tennis balls are available at the start of the session payable by contactless credit/debit card.