Tennis in tier 4

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Following a resurgence in Covid-19 cases locally, and due to the increasing pressures caused by the new variants, from 26th December the Grasshoppers will operate under Tier 4 rules.

The Clubhouse should remain closed and locked at all times, except for individual access to the floodlight switch if required.

The toilets may also be utilised, but members must ensure that they are in a fit and proper state before use and undertake to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces both before after use.

Members may continue to use ClubSpark to book courts on the strict understanding that ONLY SINGLES PLAY including coaching is authorised.  No visitors or non-members are allowed at the club.

If you book to play, please proceed extremely cautiously following all guidelines and your own common sense procedures in wiping down any surfaces contacted.

There will out of necessity be NO doubles, Club Sessions or Group Coaching permitted.

If you are the last to leave please make sure the clubhouse and gates are locked and all lights are switched off.