Court Bookings

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

Club members
Members may book any court on-line for free.  Prior booking is required. Only book court 5 if all other courts are taken, so it is available for public use.
As a courtesy to other members, during peak times please limit bookings for social play to 2hrs. Cancel any booking that is no longer required.
Floodlights are available at £1 per 1/4hr. Ask a committee member for details of how to use them.
When the courts are reserved for Club social tennis sessions, all members are welcome to join in, but not to play individual games or matches.

Visitors / Guests
Club members wishing to play with guests must pre-book a court and add the names of all non-members as participants on the booking form.  The £4ph visitor fee must be paid at the time of booking  (£2ph for guests of junior & student members).  A person may only play as a guest 4 times, after which they must join the club or pay the public hire fee for Court 5.
Detailed instructions of how to book a court to play with guests can be found here.   This feature is not yet available on the Booker App, only on the website.

Court 5 is available for public hire at £8 per hour and the Kidzone mini court at £2 per hour.  The minimum booking period is 1hr and the courts must be pre-booked.  Please read the 'Conditions of use' below.
Pay with a credit or debit card on a computer or smartphone at this web page, or by downloading the Clubspark Booker App from the Android or iPhone App store. Free ClubSpark registration is required.  Refunds will be given for cancellations up to 4hrs before the booking start time. 
When booking Court 5, you will be given a gate access PIN code, on-screen and via email.  The code format is * followed by 6 digits (the * must be entered). The code is only valid for the date and time of your booking. If you do not have a 6 digit code, first check the 'help' section below,  then forward your booking confirmation email  to [email protected] and we will reply with the code. 
Floodlights are only available to members as clubhouse access is required to turn them on.  Therefore non-members cannot book a court after sunset.
Court 5 is usually reserved for club use on Sundays 10:00 - 13:00, Thursdays 19:00 - 22:00, Fridays 16:00 - 18:00 and for the occasional club tournament.
The Club welcomes new members of all standards. Membership prices are very reasonable and Kidszone membership is only £12 per year. Please check our membership page for details.

Why is there a charge for the ‘public’ court?
The Tennis Club rents the court from the Parish Council and we pay for resurfacing and maintenance. The money for this comes from membership subscriptions and public court hire fees.
We want to encourage as many people as possible to play tennis and try to keep the fees as low as possible. The public court hire fee was increased in 2019 for the first time in 25yrs and followed an upgrade of the court surface from macadam to carpet.
Greenwood Park LTC is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers, with no paid staff. All money received goes into maintaining and improving the facilities.

Conditions of use
1.   Court fees must be paid in advance
2.   Non members may only use Court 5 and the Kidszone
3.   Players must wear suitable footwear
4.   Proper care is to be taken of the facilities and equipment
5.   Good tennis manners are to be observed
6.   The court may only be used for tennis – no other sports or activities
7.   Coaching is only allowed with the express permission of the Club Coach
8.   Children must be supervised by a responsible adult
9.   By booking a court you consent to your name being visible on the booking sheet to Club members (names are not visible to non-members)
Greenwood Park LTC reserves the right to request any person who has not paid the fee, or who is not observing any of the other conditions, to leave the court.

If you have any problems with the on-line booking system, email [email protected], but first please read the section below.
Common court booking problems
1.  Courts may be booked up to 8 days in advance.
2.  You must log in using the same method you used when you registered with ClubSpark (ie. Clubspark, LTA, Google, Facebook or Microsoft).
3.  If you are the main contact for a family member, but not a paid member yourself:   After logging in, click the drop-down arrow next to your name at the top right of the screen and 'change the user' to the name of a paid member.
4.  Kidszone members may only book the Kidszone mini-court.
5.  Free Kidszone booking for full members is not enabled by default, to prevent accidental booking of this court. This can be added to your member profile on request.
6.  When using the Booker App, to avoid accidentally booking the Kidszone, select 'Any Carpet' rather than 'Any Court'.
7.  When making a booking, please use the drop down list to set the end time that you require, rather than making multiple 30min bookings.
8.  iPhones do not always display the court access PIN code in booking confirmation emails. Make sure 'Load Remote Images' is set to ON in message options.
9.  Ignore any on-screen 4 digit PIN codes.  Correct 6 digit codes are given in booking confirmation emails.