Reminder! - SDLTA Tournament 2022

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There's only a little time left to enter and represent Grove at the S&D championships! Get your entry in now. 


We're excited to announce that the S&D Tournament is back this year after a hiatus last year. You can click the event list link below to find the relevant bracket you're interested in participating in and enter online.

There is a small entry fee for each tournament and the online closing date is 1st June at 10am.

We hope to see loads of great Grove representation at the county showpiece this year!

Enter online by clicking here.


Event List

Men's Singles

Men's Handicap Singles

Women's Singles

Women's Handicap Singles

Men's Doubles

Men's Handicap Doubles

Women's Doubles

Women's Handicap Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Mixed Handicap Doubles

Women's Doubles 40+

Men's Singles 45+

Men's Doubles 45+