Adult Sessions

Courses are run for club members, but non members can join in for a maximum of 5 sessions, paying a £5 visitor fee each time as well as the course fees. Fees have been standardised across all groups and will be charged as follows:

  • Off Peak sessions (Mon-Sun before 3pm) : £6 per hour / £8.50 per 90mins
  • Peak sessions (After 3pm) : £7 per hour / £9.50 per 90mins
Course Name Day Start Time End Time
Adult Beginners Tuesday 09:15 10:15
Doubles Training Tuesday 14:00 15:00
Mens Team Training Wednesday 19:30 21:00
Ladies Morning Thursday 09:30 11:00
Ladies Training Thursday 19:00 20:30
Doubles Training Friday 11:00 12:00
Ladies Training Saturday 09:00 10:30
Mens Training Sunday 09:00 10:30

The above rates apply to block bookings of 10/12 weeks per term (see attached timetable for more info). If you are unable to attend a particular session in your block, you can attend another timetabled adult session in the same week instead. ‘Drop in’ fees can be paid on a session by session basis if preferred but will cost £2 per session extra for members (£3 extra for non-members). Club rules state that non members can attend 5 sessions before they must become a member.