Club Sessions

Club sessions 

Club members * are welcome to attend club sessions as part of their  membership . Please see below the sessions that are offered and the description of "Playing standards"  . 

As a guide most Mix -in players are of Intermediate to advanced standard , but the Monday 6pm session is  specifically aimed at offering gentle play for Improving players , who are also welocme to come to all sessions when they feel ready . 

Coaches are happy to advise on suitable sessions for new players . 

Players are required to supply their own balls. ( Ex -match balls can be purchased from the club  for  £2.50 a tube) 


Monday Evening         6pm to 7pm : Hosted  Gentle Mix- In for Improvers

                                                7pm : Hosted Mix -In  for club members


Thursday Evening       7.00 pm. Hosted Mix in for club members


Saturday Afternoons  : 2.00 pm to 5pm General mix in for club members . 

                                                                            Often followed by a cup of tea and cake ! 

Saturday evenings : 5pm to 7pm : Hosted Mix in  for club members

                                                                              The bar will be open after play ! 

Hosted Mix -In :

Sessions are usually 20 minute timed sets , changing partners after each set with player groups assigned by a tennis app.

General ( un-hosted ) Mix -In :

Players organise themselves into playing groups and play a full set.  Player groups switch after each set as available .                                                     

Please Sign -In the registration book in the clubhouse and make your intention to 'mix - in ' known to the other players.


A Mix -In What's App group is available for members to join to hear about attendance at the various sessions. 

Club sessions to be hosted when possible , and if not then players must follow the un-hosted format.

Court 1 is bookable at all times unless a league match has been scheduled during a mix in session.


Playing Standards

Beginner…This means you’ve never played, just started playing, haven’t picked up a racket for years or are still working on the basics of your game.

Improver…You know the basic techniques and are able to keep a rally going, however you still make quite a few mistakes and you may find serving difficult.

Intermediate…You play fairly regularly and your technique is solid. You use some tactical play but struggle a little when putting together points against advanced players.

Advanced…You have played a lot of tennis over many years. Serving with spin, placement and power are part of your game. You can rally consistently and create opportunities to win points off both your forehand and backhand. You compete regularly or have the desire to do so.

If it’s difficult to make an objective self-rating; we recommend you ask a coach to decide for you.

*Club members means : 

Adults with a current Full , Couples, Family , Country , 18-25yrs , or Student membership . Juniors are not allowed to play at Mix -In sessions unless they are invited after assessment by the Head Coach .